Saturday, September 23, 2017

Haiti - a Land I Can't Forget

On Facebook this morning came the faces of some sweet people from Nashville with whom I shared a difficult but memorable "mission trip" in 2015.  I use the quotes because honestly, it is a good question as to who ministers to whom.  You have to go to understand this.  I don't recommend my children go unless parents and children all go together; it is that drastic, that important.  It helped me to write a poem, so this is my offering in honor of those going again.  

Haiti, Haiti, Haiti, our little sister
the land we cringe from remembering
the land we are loathe to forget
how your people have trashed you
thrown you to the curb, abandoned your babies
(did they have another choice?)
walked away from your hospitals
where do the sick go now?
and yet, and yet...
teachers and doctors and dancers come
missionaries, too--your little children still play ball
and dance and loving parents in your country
and ours adopt the orphans and their lives
are enriched by the love these children give.
everyone gets a new life.

Haiti, Haiti, Haiti
you were enslaved by men of all colors
you have been ravished by natural disaster
and deceived by dark superstition
you walk dirty streets to carry water
you wash clothes with your hands
and you walk long distances to your jobs
you accept heat and dust without complaint
your cattle are hungry not to mention your children
and yet, and yet, you are not defeated and God has not
forgotten you and when you invite Him He comes.
He has sent teachers and preachers and servants
and artists and dancers and coaches and nurses--
your people though poor are rich and praise Him.

Haiti–the land I would choose not to remember
                            the land I am powerless to forget.

Written after a trip to Haiti in July 2015.  

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