Sunday, September 10, 2017

A New Beginning

This is a blog to allow me to share with friends, family and curious acquaintances my ramblings mostly in poetry form.  About a year ago, I began to write my memoir in poetry.  Occasionally, I take a course or read a good book, and of course, I read lots of poems.  Obviously I have no formal training.  But it's been a healing thing for me to write this way.  It would be wonderful if occasionally a poem speaks to someone else.  I write with you in mind.

The story of how I got to where I am today in Central California (and not Nashville) I have shared with some of you.  One, my dear friend Mary, made the trip with me and I will ever be grateful for her companionship.  Some of you followed our "Thelma and Louise" journey across I-40 on the Shutterfly web site.  It took about three months to empty my house and plan the trip, but one day we did stand near the Morro Bay rock and celebrate that we had actually made it to California.  But the hard part was agreeing with God that this was what I needed to do:  move near my daughter and her family to help care for my latest grandson.  As I look back over my journal entries of a couple years, I can see how God prepared me for this move.  With all my heart, I love my Tennessee kids and grandkids, but when my California girl surprised us with a pregnancy, I felt the urgency.  I needed to stand in for her so she (and her husband) could go back to work feeling peaceful, knowing that baby Eli would be well cared for.  I had been praying for a job to do, and this was clearly God's answer.  I do not know how this will come to a conclusion yet, but I don't need to.  God was in this situation before I knew about it, God helped me drive here and God will guide me into the future.  

Since I've promised that this blog contains poetry, I will share my latest poem. I'd be happy to see your comments.  


It has been found on good authority (a Hebrew scholar no less)
That the Shepherd image is a bad translation of Psalm 23.
For fifty years or more I have read, recited even, “The Lord is
My shepherd.”  But now I learn that I am not a sheep and He
Is not a shepherd.  I always knew it didn’t mean that literally,
Of course.   I mean, we are talking of God here, and me,
And you, people not animals.  So what does it say, then, this
Lovely but confusing poetry of a millennium or two ago?
According to my excellent source, we could say something like
“The Lord the Mighty Creator, Redeemer, All Loving, Holy One”
Is so connected, so committed to me, to particular me, to my
Protection and wellbeing, that should I need to, I could call
To Him and He would be right there.  He would not come a
Minute too late.  The wild beasts in my life—the bill collectors or
Bankers or car dealers or anyone else may attack, but my Captain,
My King, my /Father/Mother/Husband God is there for me.
I can relax.  He has this.



  1. Love that! Especially the part of the the wild beast bill collectors. Ha! So appropriate for people's lives today.

  2. Thanks Jeremy. I had one specific bill in mind of course and I have peace since writing it.

  3. I love the language you use! Very vivid imagery that conjures up the very best of one's heart.

  4. Thanks, Brian. Writing poetry is therapeutic for me; I'll be delighted if it pleases others. I'll be watching your posts as well. Even though I came to full faith in Jesus at around 20, there is always more: more understanding, more of Him. I imagine it will continue to be that way until we meet Him face to face.